Video Profesional has been a top provider of LED video, audio and marketing services in Croatian and European market for many years.

  • LED SCREEN Pixel Pitch 3 mm High Definition and High Refresh indoor LED screen
  • MOBILE LED SCREEN Pixel Pitch 3 mm mounted on a specialized vehicle
  • rental of LED screens 
  • sale of LED screens
  • audio sound system
  • video recording
  • LIVE stream support
  • marketing and promotion

LED SCREEN Pixel Pitch 3 mm HD (High Definition)
Ideal for the most demanding outdoor and indoor events, great image with visibility from 1 meter, for: presentations, promotions, seminars, car show, showroom, shopping centers, hotels, car showrooms, etc. Modular aluminum system with quick mounting on a stand or hanging, very light and visually appealing.

MOBILE LED SCREEN Pixel Pitch 3 mm HD (High Definition)

Mounted on a specialized vehicle with a quick setup in only 20 minutes without special stage preparations. This brings a much lower price of the service while the power of LED technology provides a superior image in all weather conditions (sun, rain, snow, -20 - + 60 ° C) with IP 65 standard.