Video Profesional in its beginnings dates back to 1982, with the interest of the owner Franjo Turk for new technologies such as video cameras, video projections and recordings. As the owner of a video studio for renting video cassettes, he is increasingly entering the video segment. After several years of recording with video cameras, the arrival of the video projector on the market increases the interest of the owners in this area. We purchased the first three-tube CRT video projectors as early as 1985, thus becoming a respectable company in the former state. At the beginning of the 90's of the last century, we are again in step with new technologies and we are doing all major events such as: tours "By boat on the Adriatic" with over 100,000 spectators, and then the biggest HRT project "Turbo Limach Show" for 5 years , HRT's "Bravo Bravo show", "Porin", "Dora", "Miss Croatia", etc. Our needs exceed the capabilities of our projectors at the time, and in February 1996 we bought a BARCO data 5000 video projector, the best at the time. It was a brave step and a big investment, but it paid off.

Such a professional video projector opens new possibilities for us, it is present at all important events and with it we make a great business profit of our company, which allows us to make further investments. Our clients at that time were: Croatian Television, HT (Croatian Telecom), Zepter, Zagrebačka banka, Golden Neon Diamonds, Miss Universe, Playboy, Umah Fashion, Zagreb Fair, HNS (Croatian Football Association), UEFA, Union of European Football Associations ), RSI (Royal Sales International), Croatian Army, HNK (Croatian National Theater), Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall, Dom Sportova, Pula Arena, Citroen, Opel, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Suzuki, Renault, Hyundai, Nissan, techno parties and the biggest concerts in our area and in cities all over Croatia.

The company Video Profesional becomes a synonym for quality and professional attitude towards work, which opens cooperation with all the most famous marketing agencies, concert organizers and famous music groups such as: Prljavo Kazalište, Parni Valjak, Crvena Jabuka, Opća Opasnost, Plavi Orkestar, Miroslav Škoro, Bijelo Dugme, Oliver Dragojevic, Gibonni, Zdravko Colic, Colonia, Thompson, Severina, Nina Badric, Miso Kovac, Magazin, Tony Cetinski, Novi Fosili, etc. We especially emphasize the cooperation with the organizers of foreign concerts in Croatia where we did video screenings for the biggest stars as which are: Deep Purple, Anastacia, Bryan Ferry, James Brown, Joe Satriani, Placido Domingo, Anna Oxa, Natalie Cole, Vlatko Stefanovski, Seal, DJ Tiesto, Sinnead O'connor, Fat Boy Slim and many others. Our services have been used by all previous Croatian presidents as well as prime ministers in their election campaigns and many political parties. With the arrival of new LED technology on the world market, we immediately connect and invest in LED technology, and in 2006 we buy the first LED screen at that time with top features with Pixel Pitch 14mm, virtual 7mm with which we also open a new era in our business to the satisfaction of our customers.   

The world-famous Japanese company EIKI, with which we have been cooperating since 1983, brings a new line of powerful video projectors to the market, and we buy projectors of 7,000 - 18,000 ANSI lumens as well as Panasonic HD video cameras, which raises the quality of our service. After two years, we buy an even higher quality LED screen Pixel Pitch 10mm High Definition and mount it on a special vehicle according to our idea and designs, thus creating the first mobile LED screen in our area, which brought us even closer to the speed of service and reduced price according to our clients because its setup takes only 20 minutes.

The needs of our clients were increasing, so we decided to expand the segment of our offer to a high-quality LED screen model Pixel Pitch 3 mm High Definition for outdoor and indoor events with a modular aluminum system and also fast setup, which delights our customers with superior image and capabilities.

Visits to professional video technology fairs as well as visits to equipment manufacturers where we get acquainted with new trends that contribute to our development contribute to our innovation. We are proud that by investing in technology and knowledge we have become synonymous with quality, so contact us with confidence because WE CREATE AN EXPERIENCE IN EVERY PIXEL.

We thank our current clients and associates, we recommend ourselves to you and we are looking forward to new projects.